Why You Are Not Making Sales Online

Doing business is interesting and profitable if you understand how to go about it.

Infact 99% of all money is gotten from someone selling something valuable to someone in exchange of money.

Running a profitable business online might be tough this year 2021 and it will continue to be like that in the years to come.

especially if you don't understand how to earn people's attention and trust, 

which are the hardest in doing business in the trending world called Online.

And to make more sales, you need to plug your business into the internet through the social media platforms, so that you can meet more of your targeted audiences.

Is there any business you are doing or you intend to do without human interference?

But according to a sales expert,

you are most likely to sell more if you understand how to grab people's attention and gain their trust,

and also use the social media platforms perfectly to your advantage.

Raji Ibrahim, A Direct response marketer, and the Author of the New Book, titled BUSINESS MASTERY BLUEPRINT explained that,

leveraging on the social media platforms, especially Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp will increase your visibility

and project you better in this year business and beyond.

He explained in his new Blueprint that, the majority of entrepreneurs and the would-be lack two important things in running a successful business which are,

1 lack of enough credibility.

2 Targeting the wrong people.

People buy from who they KNOW, LIKE, AND TRUST, and for every successful business, this strategy is very important to strictly adhere to.

He explained further that, to grab people's attention and earn their trust is all about creating useful and engaging content around your product and services.

People tend to notice you when you do that,

and you will be percieved as an Authority and have them KNOW, TRUST AND LIKE you,

which will be appreciated by buying from you.

You can only be visible online when you learn how to write or speak says Raji Ibrahim.

He has tackled this issue by providing strategies for creating great and engaging content in his NEW BLUEPRINT. such as,

1.Choosing a niche.

2.Understanding your niche.

3.Choosing your topic.

4.Consistency, and many more.

He said that this strategy is what Big companies and personal brands use to get more customers.

WhatsApp marketing

WhatsApp marketing is an alternative way of routing people to your contact list especially if you don't have an email list,

says Raji Ibrahim in Chapter Four of his new Blueprint.

According to Techcrunch Nigeria, WhatsApp status views reach up to 460 million viewers daily.

Statista also opined that WhatsApp has the highest penetration rate in Nigeria.

This is a golden opportunity that every smart business owners must take hold to.

If you can swell up your whataspp contact lists and follow his recommendation,

you can always glue people to your status and sell to them over and over again.

He outlined the ways you can get more people to your status view, some include,


1.Exchange of WhatsApp contact with friends, family and strangers for networking reason.


2. Offer to teach what you know in a close WhatsApp group, among others.

He said, doing these will increase the number of viewers on your status and when they view your status updates,

they get to know what you are doing. Sooner or later, they will patronize you.

He further stressed in his Blueprint the strategies he adopts to market his product via WhatsApp which include,

1.Sharing of personal stories.

2.Engaging other awesomely on others status. This will increase your relevancy.

3.Reviewing products and services.

4.Posting customers' comments and reviews on status. This will increase trust in your customers.

And many more.

Infact, if you don't have any business at hand,

he explained the high income skills you can aquire within a short period of time that will help money worries.

His Blueprint is must for everyone would-be entrepreneurs and Business owners to read to facilitate more sales and remain active in business now and always. 

Will this blueprint work for you? You can't know until you have access to it now.

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